Anna Pavlova
(meringue with vanilla cream
and berries) 540

(Mille-feuille) 490

Blueberry cake 450 Lemon cake with ice cream 560

Vanilla cream profiteroles
with chocolate sauce 360

Cookies in shape of nuts with sweet condensed milk 360

Rum cakes with marinated oranges and citron cream 520

Ice cream basket with strawberry sauce and fresh berries 690

Sorbet 120 

Sesame cookies with dried plums, grain cookies,
coco beans cookies 200 

Handmade chocolate candies (rum truffle, brandy truffles, dried plum truffles, 
whiskey truffles, marzipan with chocolate coat) 1 piece  70

Handmade jelly candies (peach, strawberry, pine apple, leech) 1 piece  50

Handmade chocolate (dark, milk, milk with hazelnut) 100g  460

Homemade jam 100

Honey 100

Sweet buffet 100g (at the week-end)  280