Selection of homemade favorites

Meat pelmeni (dumplings) with butter and sour cream 520

Potato and onion vareniki (dumplings) 490

Cherry vareniki with sour cream 490

Sirniki (ricotta cheese pancakes) with strawberry sauce 490 

Draniki (potato hush browns) with pike caviar and homemade sour cream 770

Fried potato with porcini mushrooms and pickled cucumber 520

Marrow squash spread 390

Beetroot, spinach and cabbage pkhali 450

Orzo with morels 850


With mushroom julienne 460

With red caviar 590

With light salted trout 540

With minced meat 540 

With sour cream 390

With homemade jam or sweet condensed milk  390


Homemade light salted cucumbers and tomatoes 490

Homemade pickles and marinades set  490

Sauerkraut with spring onion 320

Porcini mushrooms with onion 590

Pepper mushrooms with sour cream 590

Black and green olives 450