Main course


Salmon steamed or grilled 1190
Codfish baked with mushrooms, leek and cream sauce 850
Pike perch a’la Polonaise 840
Pike perch baked a’la Shalyapin with eggs and mushrooms 920
Sterlet skewer with paprika and sun-dried tomatoes ratatouille 1790  

Meat cooked on the brazier

Turkey skewer 690
Marbled beef steak 1920
Lamb cutlets 2100

Lulah Kebab 1160 


Ribeye steak 2190
Marbled beef steak with mashed potato and mushroom julienne 1390
Beef Stroganoff with mashed potato and picked cucumber 1260
Veal schnitzel with sauerkraut and baked apple 950
Grilled chicken, served with bulgur 790
Chicken with salad leaves and tomatoes 690